What is the Salt Lake Chamber University?

The Salt Lake Chamber University provides training via webcasts with a combination of live and on demand content delivered to you at the time and in the convenience of your home or office.


How do the online courses work?

Experience this new professional development opportunity provided by the Salt Lake Chamber. It’s simple. Login to the courses through your online account and you will see the screen divided into four sections. You will see the video presentation in the upper left hand corner, the slides in the upper right, the notes section and links to additional information in the lower right and the chat room, certificate, supplemental materials, and support request area in the lower left.

Webcasting provides an easy way to have an interactive learning experience. Get started now.


When does the new Salt Lake Chamber University launch?

February 16, 2010


How can I justify the cost?

  • Early registration discount.
  • Compare our price to other national training programs for $1,995 for 20 hours. 
  • Not only are we much lower in price, but Salt Lake Chamber University is available locally and online instead of having to travel for three days to one of a handful of other U.S. cities. 
  • National seminar firms often use a single, paid presenter – who may or may not have first-hand experience in the topics presented. Registrants also don’t know who will be presenting until they arrive on location. Salt Lake Chamber University features presentations by a wide variety of prominent national and local subject-matter experts, supplemented by high quality videos filmed by award-winning national producers.
  • The cost to purchase just the videos alone would be over $10,000.



Who should participate?

  • Supervisors and managers with less than one year of experience
  • Experienced supervisors with little or no formal supervisory training
  • Aspiring and soon-to-be promoted supervisors



Is a specific software required?

The webcasts will work on any operating system. All you need is Flash Player 9.0 or greater and an internet connection.


How do I register?

  • Go to http://slchamber.bizvision.com
  • Click on Salt Lake Chamber University on the left
  • Choose what you want to purchase (the full series or just a few sessions)
  • Create an account and complete checkout.
  • If you have any questions with the registration process, feel free to call our help desk at 800-811-0230 or email support@bizvision.com with questions. 



Cost $750 for a series (ten sessions) only $600 with early bird discount.

For a $100 discount for Small Businesses and Non-profits give us a call at 800-811-0230 or email support@bizvision.com.



Watch and complete the program on your own schedule. You will have 6 months to complete the program.


What if I only want one or two sessions instead of the full series?

You can purchase individual sessions for $100 each. Once registered you will have access to the session material through your account.


Tell me more about the certificate of completion.

During each session, you will be required to enter the codes from the video presentation that will appear on the screen. Certificate awarded to the registrant upon completion of the course. The certificate is recognition of completion and personal achievement for your employer or employee.


Where is the listing of all of the speakers?

Featuring video instruction from top experts, Including Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Dr. Tony Alessandra,

Bert Decker, Nido Quebein, Cam Marsden, Dr. Peter Johnson, and Bob Nelson.


Live presentations from Carolyn Andree, Laura Arellano, Nigel Bristow, James Gehrke, Bill Guillory, Rene Johnson, Gaylan Nielson, Denis Peterson, Dr. Brett Savage, Steve Stowell, and other highly rated trainers.

For complete presenter bios, go to http://slchamber.bizvision.com/page/bios


What is the program schedule for the series?

For the latest schedule of live sessions go to http://slchamber.com/page/manager-training.

What if I miss a session?

You will have access to watch archives of the sessions through your account at any time during the 6 month program.


Why should I participate?

Develop and refine effective management skills to strengthen the present and build for the future. Building effective supervisor and management skills that can help you and your organization succeed even in challenging economic times starts with the Salt Lake Chamber University. Enjoy critical topics that will help you develop management skills such as performance management, motivation, team development, interpersonal and communication skills and time management skills—all the tools you need to manage people.