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New Professional Development Program provides interactive e-learning in a video-based format.


Building your team requires a significant investment. Now, the Salt Lake Chamber can help enhance their skills, increase their professional satisfaction, and get the most out of your employees. 


Salt Lake Chamber University


  • Insight from the nation’s and Utah's top business leaders
  • Choose either the online, video-based classes or attend the live presentations
  • No time wasted traveling
  • Learn on a schedule that works for you
  • 39 videos in Standard Full Series


Live sessions ongoing.


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First Series: Training for New Supervisors and Managers


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Featuring video instruction from top experts, Including Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Bert Decker, Nido Quebein, Cam Marsden, Dr. Peter Johnson, and Bob Nelson.




Live presentations from Carolyn Andree, Laura Arellano, Nigel Bristow, James Gehrke, Bill Guillory, Rene Johnson, Gaylan Nielson, Denis Peterson, Dr. Brett Savage, Steve Stowell, and other highly rated trainers.


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The full series consists of over 30 hours of quality instruction!

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Additional discount available for Small Business and Non-profits - Contact for details.